CPD - AirMaster SVUs & BB101 Compliance

The AirMaster SVU CPD explains the main changes to the reissue of BB101 and how AirMaster SVUs can aid consultants in solving the new challenges that it proposes. Attendees will gain the knowledge of how to utilise AirMaster SVUs in a school setting.

What issues does the CPD cover?

AirMaster CPD Training materials reflect many of the project–related issues to be expected when designing school ventilation solutions, including:

  • What challenges does the reissue of BB101 present?– Redefining ventilation– Indoor air quality– Filtration– Draught– Overheating– Noise
  • How can draught be avoided whilst maintaining good indoor air quality?
  • The methods by which AirMaster SVUs solve the challenges of BB101


What is the format of the Seminar?

SAV Seminars are informal, and questions are welcomed at any stage from attendees. The PowerPoint presentation is comprehensive and aims to aid consultants in understanding how BB101 has changed.

Seminars can be held at your premises, or any other venue of your choice. They are often held during lunchtime, and have a maximum duration of 1 ¼ hours. Back-up material will be made available to consolidate knowledge.



This AirMaster SVU Seminar is designed for mechanical and electrical consulting engineers, energy managers and ventilation system designers active in the building services and education sectors. The workshop format is designed to be an interactive learning environment, hopefully to provide you with an experience which is stimulating and enjoyable.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Stephan Lang

Stephan Lang

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