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London Mayor launches air quality audits for nurseries

December 11, 2018

Measures by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to understand the impact of poor air quality on children are being extended to include air quality audits at 20 nursery schools across 12 boroughs in London.

The audits will be carried out by engineering consultancy WSP assessing indoor and outdoor pollution sources, with the purpose of identifying ways to cut nitrous oxides and PM2.5 & PM10 particulates. This latest move follows findings by University College London and the University of Cambridge that a significant proportion of indoor air pollution in schools is due to outdoor air pollution.

“Most schools and nurseries in urban areas cannot open windows because of pollution, noise and security issues, so they are dependent on mechanical ventilation to maintain good indoor air quality,” noted Stephan Lang of SAV Systems. “It is therefore essential that such systems are fitted with high levels of filtration, as specified by the latest version of Building Bulletin 101 (BB101) ‘Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools’.”

To address this health risk, SAV’s AirMaster Smart Ventilation Units are fitted with ISO 16890 compliant filters, ensuring filtration of specific particle sizes, PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. AirMaster units filter both incoming air and outgoing air to protect heat exchangers as well as filter out pollutants for the occupants.

The nursery audit is funded by the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund and each of the nurseries involved in the audit will receive £4,500 towards implementing the recommendations of the audits.

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